Countless possibilities, endless outcomes

From the first second to the last, anything can happen in Lemnis Gate. Each round is a fresh chance to implement an unbeatable new strategy – or earn redemption from an earlier error. And, with the innovative auto co-op feature giving you total control of five deep-space operatives, you are a literal one-person army.


A time-bending tactical shooter

With a varied cast of characters to choose from, how you play is up to you. Lay damaging toxic waste in your enemy’s path, slow time to land the perfect shot, or deploy protective orbs to assist your future self. Every operative possesses a distinctive loadout and special ability that proves decisive on the battlefield.


Strategic combat in the fourth dimension

Tactical cunning is key to victory in a game where skilful shooting meets turn-based strategy over five time-bending rounds. Take turns changing the future as multiple timelines converge. Set ambushes, fix past mistakes, and bait opponents into committing their own in an ever-shifting match of temporal tampering.

Lemnis Gate 21

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