Update 1.3 Out Now on All Platforms
Game Update

Update 1.3 Out Now on All Platforms

We're delighted to announce that Update 1.3 is out now across all platforms! This free update adds new content to the game as well as several bug fixes and quality of life updates. We are also happy to share that 2v2 Ranked Mode has been reactivated, so now you and a friend can team up against someone else in the time loop for competitive action. Please ensure your game is updated to the latest version so you'll have access to everything.

The Nest - New Retrieve XM Map

A new off-world site has been added to Lemnis Gate. The Nest is anchored to the upper rim of a massive impact crater, situated under a shattered moon. This construction site is the future home of an experimental retrieval and delivery system, which will provide earth with a steady stream of raw Exotic Matter. Until it's completed, it's up to the Lemnis Industries operatives to collect and transport the XM back home. This Retrieve XM map is sure to challenge all players, with lots of places to hide, but also plenty of opportunities for ambushes.

Botler Cosmetic - New Skin for KARL

Give KARL a fantastic makeover with the new Botler skin, which includes two different colour variants. This cosmetic skin will make KARL quite the dapper robot, complete with large mustache and jaunty bowler hat. You can also unlock a new Emblem and a new weapon skin. Check out what you'll be able to unlock below:

NVIDIA DLSS Support for PC

Update 1.3 adds NVIDIA DLSS support, boosting performance in Lemnis Gate for those playing on NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPUs. DLSS will boost your framerates while providing uncompromised image quality.

Bug Fixes & Quality of Life Improvements

A number of bug fixes and quality of life adjustments have been added to the game. Read the update notes here.

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