Player Progression In Lemnis Gate

Player Progression In Lemnis Gate

As we approach the launch of Lemnis Gate, we're seeing many of you getting prepared and adding plenty of pages to your playbooks, ready to dominate the competition. Today, we want to share more information about how progression will work in Lemnis Gate, what choices you will have and what customisations you'll be able to unlock.

What Are The Progression Systems In Lemnis Gate?

As you play Lemnis Gate, you'll be rewarded by earning experience points (XP). XP contributes to both your Player Level and Operative Mastery.

What is Player Level?

Your Player Level indicates how many XP you've earned overall, and how many times you've levelled up. Every action performed in a match, win or lose, will grant you XP, and once you gain enough experience, your Player Level will increase. Levelling up will let you earn HEX Coins, which you can use to activate new customisations.

What is Operative Mastery?

You can also gain Operative Mastery XP. This is specific to the Operative that you choose to play with in any given round. Once a certain amount of mastery XP is reached, that Operative's mastery level will increase. The higher an Operative’s Mastery level is, the more customisation options are unlocked.

As you progress through these two systems, you'll gain the ability to unlock new customisations both for your account and your team of Operatives.

Account Mastery

Let’s dive into how it works:

How Do I Level Up?

To level up in Lemnis Gate, you will need to earn XP by:

  • Finishing a Match (Win/Draw/Loss) 
  • Completing, Capturing or Destroying Objectives 
  • Damaging and Killing Enemy Operatives

XP you have earned is never lost. Even if your Operative gets killed in a later round the XP you earned during their round is banked. At the end of a match the XP are added to your Player Level as well as to the relevant Operative Masteries, and once a certain amount of XP are reached, you level up and are granted a HEX Coin to spend in a HEX Grid.

HEX Grids

Every Operative has their own HEX grid. This is where you'll be able to make decisions about what customisation you would like to unlock and for which Operative. You are also able to view each Operatives’ mastery level on this screen.

Each HEX grid is filled with cosmetics to unlock which include:

  • Operative Suits
  • Weapon Skins
  • Emotes
  • Player Emblems
Progression Assets Emote

By using the HEX Grid you'll also be able to fine tune your weapons, flex on your opponents with new emotes, or dazzle them with a variety of different operative suits. There are multiple HEX Grids for each Operative which have differently themed cosmetics for you to unlock.

In addition, you'll be able to unlock customisations for your Reconnaissance drone as well, to make sure it doesn't feel left out.

HEX Coins

Win or lose, you'll get XP that contributes to your Player level. Each time your Player Level increases, you'll be rewarded with a HEX coin. HEX coins are a currency that you earn as you play and can be used to claim nodes that are available to you on the HEX grid. As long as a node is unlocked, you will be able to activate it and receive the customisation you've chosen.

Cosmic Frontier

Weapon Skins

Weapon Skins in Lemnis Gate can be used to adjust the look and the feel of your weapons with subtle variations to their stats. This can help you fine tune weapons to your preferred playstyle.

It’s important to note that any Weapon Skins earned through means such as the BETA or pre-order are purely cosmetic.


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