Competitive Play in Lemnis Gate

Competitive Play in Lemnis Gate

Lemnis Gate is full of opportunities to defeat your opponent, flex your creative thinking and come out on top thanks to expert planning and analysis of the battlefield. However, we know that some of you want to show this to the world and see where you stand amongst the world’s best. In this post we'll be discussing Ranked Mode and how it will work.


In Lemnis Gate players can engage in competitive (Ranked) matches to climb the game's ranking system. Ranked Mode is the place to be for those of you with a competitive streak. In Ranked Mode you'll be able to compete against other players with the goal of raising your rank and getting the top position on the leaderboards. There's also the added bonus of bragging rights for reaching the top.

Ranking Up

Lemnis Gate’s ranking system comprises of five ranks. With each rank broken down into five tiers:  Starting at tier 5, a player must reach tier 1 before moving up to a new rank. Below you can see an example of a "Gold 1" player:

Lemnis Gate Ranked System

All players will start out in Bronze Rank. From there you will need to work your way up through 5 tiers, from 5 to 1, before you're able to advance to the next rank. There are five available ranks:

  • Bronze 5-1
  • Silver 5-1
  • Gold 5-1
  • Platinum 5-1
  • Diamond 5-1

Your Rank information is displayed in the top-right corner of your screen in the game's menus, indicating your current rank and tier.

Below you can see an example of the aforementioned information displayed on the top right:

Lemnis Gate - Title Screen - Ranked

Ranked Progression

To increase your rank, you’ll need to partake in Ranked matches. To advance to a new tier/rank, you must obtain six wins. In Lemnis Gate, every win grants the player a node, while a loss will take one of your nodes away.

When moving up in the ranking system, you will start with two nodes upon promotion to a new tier/rank. This is to prevent you from being immediately demoted again if you lose your next match, which could lead to hopping between two ranks.

Match Eligibility and Exceptions

All Game Modes (Domination, Seek & Destroy, Retrieve XM, and Deathmatch) and Game Types (1V1 Turn-Based, 1V1 Simultaneous, 2V2 Turn-Based, 2V2 Teammates Play Together, 2V2 Enemies Play Together, and 2V2 Simultaneous) are available to be played in a Ranked environment.

There are, however, two exceptions where you won't be able to play Ranked matches to avoid "rank farming." As follows:

  • When in a party of 2 or more, players won’t be able to play 1v1 Ranked matches.
  • When in a party of 3 and more, players won’t be able to play any Ranked matches.

We hope you enjoyed this overview of what to expect from Ranked Mode when Lemnis Gate launches on September 28. See you in the loop!

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