Update Notes

  • 1.1.24736 (Sep 28 2021)

Lemnis Gate - 1.1.24736 Update Notes


  • Fixed an issue with KARL’s weapon after placing a Protection Orb
  • Fixed an issue when aiming with Rush after using the Kinetic Booster ability at the start of a match
  • Fixed an issue where the Recon Drone could become twisted at an angle with the rotation of the rotors being upside down
  • Fixed an animation issue when aiming down sights with Striker whilst jumping, which caused the barrel of the gun to be visible in the scope
  • Fixed an animation issue with Kapitan aiming down sights and firing in the air, causing the view to flicker
  • Updated the prompt shown on completing the Time Loop Simulation to give the clearer options of "Go to Training Facility" or "Continue"
  • Friends are now organised by online and offline, as well as alphabetical order.
  • General stability improvements


  • Tuned both the speed and gravity applied to the shield projectile of KARL's Projection Orb for easier deployment


  • Push to Talk feature has been added, which is accessible through the Audio Settings and allows players to choose how they want to communicate via Voice Chat; either Open Mic or Push To Talk
  • Open Mic (Voice Chat Mode) and Team Only (Voice Chat) are now the default settings for Voice Chat
  • An Open Mic Sensitivity option has been added, which adjusts the mic sensitivity when Open Mic is enabled
  • In Training, the mouse sensitivity setting no longer affects the Operative selection ‘wheel’
  • Fixed a few key rebinding issues where it was possible to get into a state where you could no longer select your operative
    • No longer able to unbind the 'Hold To Select Operative' control, since Grenade/Ability can no longer be bound with mouse buttons
    • No longer unable to unbind the 'Hold To Select Operative' control using other rebinding methods (most notably unbinding both Aim and Grenade/Ability)


  • Fixed an area in 'The Arbor' where you could see and shoot through a rock formation
  • Adjusted some erroneous grass assets and terrain in ‘The Arbor’ to lay flat and naturally

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