Modes & Maps


  • Seek & Destroy

    The attacking team has five rounds to destroy Resistors across the map. In response, the defending team must prevent the assault. If any Resistors are destroyed by the end of the fifth round, the defending team will cease to exist.

  • Domination

    Teams face off until time shatters. Annihilate the opposition by capturing the majority of the Particle Accelerators by the end of the fifth round. Accelerators are activated on impact and can be quickly triggered when shot at the core.

  • Retrieve XM

    Collect Exotic Matter and return it to your base. Prevent enemies from doing the same. The team holding the most matter by the end of the fifth round is declared victorious.

  • Deathmatch

    Players battle each other in a race to score the most kills.


  • The Arbor

    The Arbor


    Once a luscious forest, the ARBOR is now just a shadow of its former self. Enveloped in mystery, even LEMNIS’ experts cannot explain its accelerated decay. It now holds a substantial number of Particle Accelerators and a stockpile of secrets.

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  • Howler's Mire

    Howler's Mire

    Seek & Destroy

    A mysterious species of luminous fungi led LEMNIS industries to build a base on this small dwarf planet. Although no animal life has ever been spotted in its woods, researchers frequently report unfamiliar howling noises, granting it the name HOWLERS’ MIRE.

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  • Quarry


    Retrieve XM

    Located on a moon in a nearby galaxy, this abandoned transport post was rebuilt into a mining QUARRY when LEMNIS Industries’ probes revealed a large volume of unknown material underground.

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  • Chimera



    One of LEMNIS’ largest Particle Accelerator terminals, CHIMERA is known for its spatial instability. Reports state that random mineral structures started orbiting around the station a few weeks after its construction, causing confusion among scientists.

  • Subterra



    Considered to be a natural stronghold, SUBTERRA’s distinct stone formations and resistant rock shelters provide safe storage for LEMNIS Industries’ most precious research materials. It is also home to peculiar “chameleon crystals” which have been known to change colour in reaction to their surroundings.

  • Stratos-IV



    Located on an ocean-covered planet, STRATOS-IV is one of the many stations dedicated to studying this world’s unconventional atmosphere. Over a mile in height, these observation towers surpass even the tallest buildings ever to have existed on Earth.

  • Tectonic Wells

    Tectonic Wells

    Retrieve XM

    TECTONIC WELLS’ gravitational anomaly caused commotion among LEMNIS’ scientists. Inexplicably, minerals levitate over a crevice that extends entirely through the planet's magnesium core. Exotic Matter was later found on-site, leading to the construction of a base at the top of the bottomless precipice.

  • Iridium Plains

    Iridium Plains

    Retrieve XM

    At first, LEMNIS Industries received IRIDIUM PLAINS with skepticism due to its unsafe radiation levels and volatile ecosystem. Despite the risks, its richness in Exotic Matter led to the base's foundation. Gas bursts and vapour plumes are commonplace as are their ever-changing compositions which have proven difficult to classify.

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  • Devil's Lair

    Devil's Lair


    When first explored by LEMNIS Industries, DEVIL'S LAIR was a viable source of Exotic Matter. After intense extraction, unusual formations materialized and blended with the cave's rubble. Now, with no exits left, the base is solely accessible via gate travel.

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  • Caldera


    Seek & Destroy

    Prior studies suggested that CALDERA was once covered by one big ocean. Upon arrival, LEMNIS’ explorers only found its bottom. The planet’s unbearable temperatures and now water scarcity only serve as extra defenses for the base’s allocated resistors.

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  • Utopia



    Home to a dense and lush forest, UTOPIA was named after its natural beauty and vivid vegetation. A trace amount of energy detected in deep core soil samples resulted in establishing this mining camp, intent on finding this prodigious power source.

  • Solitude


    Seek & Destroy

    Legend has it, SOLITUDE earned its name based on its construction team. Starting off as a crew of twelve, all but one died during an extreme snowstorm. For months, the sole survivor worked alone until a rescue team arrived on site. Once back, he never spoke again.

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  • The Nest

    The Nest

    Retrieve XM

    Bombarded by fragments of a shattered moon, THE NEST is anchored to the upper rim of a massive impact crater giving it its name. An experimental retrieval and delivery system is under construction to provide a steady stream of raw exotic ore directly to earth for processing.

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Multiple match types


  • Turn based

    You and your opponent take turns adding one operative at a time to the loop.

  • Simultaneous

    In the same turn, you and your opponent add one operative to the loop at the same time.


  • Turn based

    Only one player at a time adds an operative to the loop.

  • Teammates play together

    You and your teammate simultaneously add an operative to the loop, then your opponents both add an operative to the loop on their turn.

  • Enemies play together

    In the same turn, only one player per team adds an operative to the loop at the same time.

  • Simultaneous

    In the same turn, everyone adds an operative to the loop at the same time.

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