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Prepare to enter the loop

Get all the information ahead of a jam-packed weekend where you’ll be able to jump into the action in Lemnis Gate for the very first time. Make sure you’re match ready with this need to know guide ahead of the BETA that includes all the details on what you can expect, how to gain access and redemption instructions.

Beta Overview

A weekend of multiplayer action awaits. During the BETA you will experience Lemnis Gate’s revolutionary strategy shooter gameplay where you’ll harness the abilities of powerful operatives and compete in mind-bending 4D battles as you disrupt the past to change the future.

Here's what you will have access to during the Beta:

All 7 Operatives, each equipped with their own unique weapons and skills. Every operative brings something different to the team, giving you endless possibilities in every situation your opponent can throw at you. With competitors each rolling out a new Operative at the beginning of every 25-second round, there’s plenty of scope for tactical geniuses to devise incredible game plans spanning multiple timelines.

2 Game Modes: Retrieve XM and Domination 

  • Retrieve XM tasks you with retrieving XM and bringing it back to your spawn point. Whoever has secured the most XM by the end of the final round will be declared the winner.
  • Domination tasks you with activating and claiming Particle Accelerators spread across the map. The winner is decided by who controls the most Accelerators at the end of the final round.

4 Maps:

  • Quarry (Retrieve XM)
  • Tectonic Wells (Retrieve XM)
  • The Arbor (Domination)
  • Chimera (Domination)
Lemnis Gate Maps

The remaining Game Modes and maps will be available in the full game, launching 28 September 2021.

In addition to game modes and maps, you will be able to play the following Match Types in the Lemnis Gate Beta:

  • 1v1 Turn Based - Each player takes turns playing operatives into the time loop
  • 2v2 Turn Based - Each player takes turns playing operatives into the time loops one at a time in teams of 2
  • 2v2 Teammates Play Together - Both players act at the same time on one team, and then the other team get to do the same on their turn.
  • 1v1 Turn Based local – Each player takes turns playing operatives into the time loop, by taking turns with a single control method (either swapping seats or passing the controller back and forth)
  • 2v2 Turn Based Local – Play with friends at home either by swapping seats or passing the controller between all 4 of you

Beta exclusive rewards

During the BETA you’ll also have the opportunity to unlock exclusive operative and weapon skins.  These skins are available for all of the operatives, as well as the reconnaissance drone. These skins represent Chameleon Company, a legendary unit famed for activating the first leg of the Quantum Highway.

The “Chameleon Company” skins will be available exclusively during the BETA period and you can gradually unlock them as you play. The skins you unlock will be available for you with the full game launch.

Follow @LemnisGateGame for all the latest announcement and news across the weekend and join the Lemnis Gate Discord, to be part of the conversation.

Chameleon Company skin

Beta dates and times:

The Lemnis Gate beta runs for a total of five days from Thursday 22 July – Monday 26 July.
The beta starts on Thursday at: 6pm BST / 7pm CET / 10am PDT / 1pm EDT / 1am CST (Friday)
The beta ends on Monday at: 6pm BST / 7pm CET / 10am PDT / 1pm EDT / 1am CST (Tuesday)

Tectonic Worlds Map

Accessing the Beta

The Lemnis Gate BETA will be playable on PC through Steam and will be free to everyone.

In order to access it you will need a redemption key that will be available from a number of different channels, including @LemnisGateGame on Twitter and the Lemnis Gate Discord. Keys will also be available via Twitch Drops from the moment the BETA goes live.

Our partners at Intel will also be giving out keys, you’ll be able to get them through the Intel Gaming Access Program, so make sure you're ready on July 22nd to get your key and get into the game.

Stay tuned for more information on this in the lead up to BETA.


Key Redemption

To redeem your key and begin downloading, load up Steam and follow the instructions at this address to make sure you’re battle ready.

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